This dream omens ill.

It implies a wish to undo work that is past undoing. You are also likely to suffer losses through some enemy.


Mon, 01/21/2013 - 14:04 -- Ahmet

Saw a spider crawling down a web next to my wife but it just stood there. It didn’t bite or do nothing but stay next to her

Dragon Fight

I am in an underground city/train station. We are being attacked by monsters/aliens. I go to the train station area. People are fighting black flying monsters/aliens. I am walking parallel to the train tracks and enter a room on my left.

Water and Sharks

I was having dinner in a restaurant with an open window with a view of the ocean and the water was extremely dark and you could not see anything, then we could see a movement and a shark came and tried to bite me and then left.


I was sitting in a room reading a book. My children were on a bed and I turn and my ex is sitting next to me reading a book.

Blood Suckers

Thu, 06/21/2012 - 10:32 -- Pamela

One night I had a dream of a fly like bug that landed on my hand and stung and starting sticking its head into my skin and i pulled and scraped it off and it left acid like burning on my skin.


I was in water, and all of a sudden, alligators were everywhere! I tried to escape. Then later, was at a place on ground, and they still appeared. In the dream, I tried to fight them by putting something around the mouth, so they could not bite me. I still got bit on the right hand.


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