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To see a long bridge dilapidated, and mysteriously winding into darkness, profound melancholy over the loss of dearest possessions and dismal situations will fall upon you. To the young and those in love, disappointment in the heart's fondest hopes, as the loved one will fall below your ideal. To cross a bridge safely, a final surmounting of difficulties, though the means seem hardly safe to use. Any obstacle or delay denotes disaster. To see a bridge give way before you, beware of treachery and false admirers. Affluence comes with clear waters. Sorrowful returns of best efforts are experienced after looking upon or coming in contact with muddy or turbid water in dreams.


i was driving with my 2 sisters and a random boy from my school and we went flying in the air and landed on a random bridge then came to a brick wall where you could either turn left or right and we went right and the car flipped my one sister died and a doctor appeared and took her and put us 3 in a "waiting room" and the

Life Changing

I was at a cousin's house about to go to Disneyland. For some reason I had left with brother on the freeway in a truck we use to have. Roads and bridges were confusing and whinding. As we approached an intersection we ended up on the opposite side with on-coming traffic. We quickly swearved back and avoided crashing, that scene was played twice.

Life Changing

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i had a dream that I hit someone with my car and killed them they fell off a bridge into the river. I tried to forget about it. A friend was having a cheerleading wedding it was pink and white.


I was under a bridge I had a bag,old man sat beside me eating beef jerky.i dont kno where I was. On one side of the bridge it was green and the other side nothing

The Bridge

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I was crossing a really perilous bridge made out of a plastic like material. A little after I started it broke in half, & holding on to the 'bridge' I hit the water. And I slowly climbed back up to where I'd been before, like nothing had happened.

made me think a lot

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I was in an ocean it looked like another country and i was just tredding in the water and there was this woman diving up and down in the water trying to kill herself and finally she dived so far down i couldent see her anymore so i went to get out of the water and in order to get out i had to clime this wooden