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This dream is favorable if you see happy and bright faces, but significant of trouble if they are disfigured, ugly, or frowning on you.

To a young person, an ugly face foretells lovers’ quarrels; or for a lover to see the face of his sweetheart looking old, denotes separation and the breaking up of happy associations.

To see a strange and weird-looking face, denotes that enemies and misfortunes surround you.

To dream of seeing your own face, denotes unhappiness; and to the married, threats of divorce will be made.

To see your face in a mirror, denotes displeasure with yourself for not being able to carry out plans for self-advancement. You will also lose the esteem of friends.


In my dream I wake up to begin my day. When I look into my make-up mirror my hair has completely turned silver-gray. My face is still young, but the reflection is not me (even though I feel like myself, I look completely different).


I had a dream that my husband, myself & some friends went out, but my husband & I arrived at different times and when I went to see if he was there I found him with another woman. I couldn’t see her face and when I tried to confront them both she took off quickly.

A Missed Uncle

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I have had a dream the last two nights of my uncle who was killed back on April 25, 1980 at the age of 25. He laid himself across a set of railroad tracks in the south suburbs in the early morning and was killed instantly.

The Man and the Floating Treehouse

This dream all started the year my dad died when I was 3. Now, every 3 years. A day after my birthday. I have this one reoccuring dream! I’ve had this dream from what I can remember when I was 3, 6, 9, and 12. This year I will be 15. The dream always takes place in a treehouse. But the treehouse isn’t connected to a tree it’s floating through outterspace!

What does this mean.

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I felt a pinch then my body became paralyzed then a women came in pushed my down onto a chair. She then began taunting and dancing in from of me and I could’nt do anything. Then she got close to my face and blow a cold mist that I felt all over my sleeping body but i cound’nt wake up.

Dreams of life

I was walking in this house i did not know but it apered to be ok. Family was there. I seen this guy i use to hang out with long ago, He walked in and i asked is it him, And they said yes. and i asked him to come and talk to me, He did.