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To dream of one’s family as harmonious and happy, is significant of health and easy circumstances; but if there is sickness or contentions, it forebodes gloom and disappointment.

A Missed Uncle

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I have had a dream the last two nights of my uncle who was killed back on April 25, 1980 at the age of 25. He laid himself across a set of railroad tracks in the south suburbs in the early morning and was killed instantly.

Frightening Dream

All I know is that in my dream, I was on vacation in Florida with my family, which I recently was in reality. The condo was the same and the people were the same. In my dream though, I guess there was a lightning show and I went to go find my camera. But the way I was going turned into a little village.

Dreams of life

I was walking in this house i did not know but it apered to be ok. Family was there. I seen this guy i use to hang out with long ago, He walked in and i asked is it him, And they said yes. and i asked him to come and talk to me, He did.

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I dreamed that I recieved a phone call from my ex’s family stating that she had fallen ill and was asking for me. We where older. she was in her 50’s. I went to see about her. I had not seen her in some years. In the dream I was taking care of her. trying to nurse her back to health. One evening she asked me to lay down with her, so I did.