To dream of seeing a well, bright-looking girl, foretells pleasing prospects and domestic joys. If she is thin and pale, it denotes that you will have an invalid in your family, and much unpleasantness.

For a man to dream that he is a girl, he will be weak-minded, or become an actor and play female parts.

The Game

I was at some kind of bordgame land, and i was on start. The people of the board game didnt like us for some reason and were stuck up. The some guy looked the a fix of the peanut guy and Mr. Monopily. The first challenge was to babysit an animal. I got a talking cat that looked nothing like a cat. I fell inlove with him.

my baby girl

I had a dream that me and a close female cousin were raising our newborn girls together , but in the dream I did not recall giving birth to the baby girl. In turn I am not pregnant at the moment but I am trying to have a child.

Opposite Day

In the beginning it was my boyfriend taking me different places buying me everything I wanted, which he never does because he’s cheap, then we were on the phone and he said he couldnt make it back until 4 in the morning so i went to his house, but it look nothing like his house, and he was dressed in like a prom outfit so we argued about him ditching me and about him still

Summer black dress

The devil took over the world and me and my family tried to escape by going to a facility. My mom facing me a black dress and I put it on even though I was a boy. The girl put on the same black dress. Then someone gave my dad a plad shirt to wear. After that they separated the black dress people and the people wearing plad shirts.

The Kiss that will never be Forgotten

So I was at a restaurant with friends. I went up to a girl I didn’t recognize and started making out with them. Then I went to another girl and started making out with another girl. Then I started making out with one of my friends. How the kiss felt was very different. Her mouth in my mouth felt like velvet rubbing against my lips.


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