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If God speaks to you, beware that you do not fall into condemnation. Business of all sorts will take an unfavorable turn. It is the forerunner of the weakening of health and may mean early dissolution.

If you dream of worshiping God, you will have cause to repent of an error of your own making. Look well to observing the ten commandments after this dream.

To dream that God confers distinct favors upon you, you will become the favorite of a cautious and prominent person who will use his position to advance yours.

To dream that God sends his spirit upon you, great changes in your beliefs will take place. Views concerning dogmatic Christianity should broaden after this dream, or you may be severely chastised for some indiscreet action which has brought shame upon you. God speaks oftener to those who transgress than those who do not. It is the genius of spiritual law or economy to reinstate the prodigal child by signs and visions. Elijah, Jonah, David, and Paul were brought to the altar of repentence through the vigilant energy of the hidden forces within.

True love?

Part 5; the only thing that kept me sane in my life, was my positive energy and the love and trust within myself and the love I have for God and the love from my three blessed beautiful children.

my beloved grandma

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My grandma passed away yesterday morning at 6am. Last night before I went to bed I prayed to god to give me a sign that grandma was at peace in heaven with my grandpa and her two sons. I also prayed for forgiveness for not writing her or calling her as much as I should have.


i was getting up from my recliner chair trying to turn on the light,suddenly someone tried to put a cover on my face trying to suffocate me,i fought & i fought & at the same time praying to god to help me to fight whoever is trying to harm me ,then i woke up,i saw a woman coming towards me & split into two people lik

Loosing a Loved One

I was walking on a street and up ahead I see a car crash and they tell me my mom died and then all of a sudden I end up in my school parking lot with one of my friends and shes hugging me and I just fall to the ground thinking ill never get to hug or kiss her or say I love you mommy ever a

To be Saved

Shaun and I were at a water hole with friends. We got in and the water was doing this crazy thing where it would rise all the way up the wall. There was music playing. The first time we did it we were confused to why we to use all our strength to climb up this stone wall so we dont drowned (like it was a game).

Chocolate Dreams

I always dream of having to help someone else and at the sametime, no one ever reaches out to me. I have a chocolate business that God told me what to do in my dreams andI have been in business for 9 years. I have been trying to take it to another level and I could see everything in my draems every now and then.