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To dream of the hide of an animal, denotes profit and permanent employment.

the strange man

in my dream i was two diffrent young women that i didnt even know and one lady was older and the other was about 17 the younger one climbed out the window then i didnt see her again then i was the older one and a older man started chaseing me tryin to kill me and i try toclimb out the window and he had a hold of my legs then i was


I was in my house and I could see a demon (that was black and red) standing in the hallway and chanting things. My mom was with me at the kitchen table and I would hide my face in her arm because I was scared to see it.

war at my house

this one night i had a very weird dream and people were shooting there guns at my neighbors house until there house burnt down it was kinda like we were at war or something well anyways there house burnt blew up and i was in my house trying to find somew

black ops monkeys

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im in a department store that i own its night time the doors are locked from the outside i walk along a aisle about to hide a paperor a item and the monkey walks over with a pipe like bomb that had a timer on the side i throw it at the monkey and it dies the second

love saw

i was trying to hide a love note. the guy i love saw the note, wanted to read it. i said no he pulled me close to him. we kissed, we were happy. i told him i loved him, he told me the same. but then he said that his girlfriend got angry, so he went after her, to appologise. i stayed there alone, but he keept looking at me like he always does.

evil fantasy

I have the same dream every couple years. There's a castle and I'm talking to the king who happens to be my husband. He claims it's about to happen as we stand in front of the doors. It turns out to be a tornado.