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If you dream that you are a patient in a hospital. you will have a contagious disease in your community, and will narrowly escape affliction. If you visit patients there, you will hear distressing news of the absent.


I was pregnant and in a hospital. I was pacing and in pain while my mom yelled at me saying she would find out who put this baby in me. I started crying. My belly wasn’t very big though and I was in labor. The scene then changes.

lost in sleep

i am sandra im 49 yrs old and was in a bad car wreck in 1996 and i passed away and came back to life now i have dreams all the time some thing comes and gets me and takes me to show me things i had one today when takeing a nap i saw a women in a house she was very beautifull long blond hair and had a white robe on and she told me her name and then i was in a car goin

Perplexing Fire

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I keep having the same recurring dream with only one difference each time and that is the structure. I dream about arriving at a place ( first time a brick house, second time a hospital, third time a mobile home…) but they are always the only building around. Like in the middle of a deserted field or the like.


I keep having recurring dreams of a neighbor who passed away Sept 1. In the dream I am visiting him in the hospital or at his home and I seem to really be concerned. In another dream I open a door and he is standing there and I ask him What are you doing here you died

Emotionless Fall

I’m standing there on the top of a huge mountain, im talking, but no one is there, And out of no where i find myself falling, and falling, quickly but gracefully. im smiling like i have no where abouts of the actions around me. and suddenly smack! i hit the ground, and everything goes black..