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If you dream that you are a patient in a hospital. you will have a contagious disease in your community, and will narrowly escape affliction. If you visit patients there, you will hear distressing news of the absent.

Snake bite

I just had a dream about a rattle snake coming into my home. It first bit my husband then we thought we killed it but it was just knocked unconscious Then I told him it wasn't dead so he picked it up and kissed it then he threw it at me and it bit me on the ankle and would not let go. my husband fought me on going to the hospital.

Strange Labor

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My dream was that I was pregnant and going into labor. Although, it wasn't painful and every time I would go into the hospital for the delivery, the doctors would tell me that my body wasn't ready to deliver the baby yet and that I had to go home. Finally, when my body was ready and I went into the hospital I woke up.

pregnant & confused

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I am five months pregnant, & i had a dream last night that i went into labor early @ five months & i was bleeding ( for some reason it was alot of blood it wasnt normal at all) & told my boyfriend that it was time to go to the hospital & he said ok then told me he would be back, well


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My dream is a bit dark. I dreamed that I was in college, and because I had been busy doing clinicals all week, I hadn't gotten the chance to buy groceries.

My Mother

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My Mother who passed away in 1982 was in the Hospital getting ready to have open heart surgery. My Sister told me I needed to go up to the 8th floor to see my Mother. I could not find an elavator or stairway that would take me to the 8th floor. I was frantic and crying.

Tower of stairs to Heaven

Once when I was about 19 I had a dream that I was trying to get my dad who was very sick at the time and in ICU. That I was trying to get him up a tower of stairs to the gates of heaven so that god would heal him...It seems so real at the time I am now 52 years old and I remember that dream like it was yesterday.

mothers house

coming back up to the people waiting for the racers there was a girl i don't know waving to me and offers to walk with me back to my moms she had a boyfriend who i could tell did not like this fact and came too also her friend and her boy friend came too while walking the girls gave me business cards