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To dream of building a house, you will make wise changes in your present affairs.

To dream that you own an elegant house, denotes that you will soon leave your home for a better, and fortune will be kind to you.

Old and dilapidated houses, denote failure in business or any effort, and declining health.

My Mothers Plea

I was in my adopted mothers house and was collecting all my pictures from when i was younger and my yearbooks putting them in a blanket then placing the blanket in chest to remind myself to take them before i went home and my mother asked me to come sit with her and she opened the chest to show me a

Ominous Visit

an elderly woman she had black eyes. a young boy eleven years old. a grown man the boys father named Jack. a big house. the elderly woman turned out to be my deceased grandmother. i was there to visit but rekindle the friendship with Jack from my childhood.


I just had a dream about some guy who kidnapped me and some other people and held us in his garage, he killed like 2 people and i ran up stairs trying to fight him with a bat, i hit him a couple of times in the head but he wouldnt really go down. By the end i was running away but he was still chasing me and i woke up.


I was in a car full of my friends and someone that I like. we were getting dropped off out our own houses and I was the first to be dropped off and my house was bright blue. my friends mom passed my house so she dropped me off down the street but when I got out of the car I was further from where she dropped me off.

Profound Dream

Had a dream last night about a native American. He showed me a painting of an eagle then it turned into a real eagle. He talk about the woman on his land having babies. Then I ask him how many people lived on his land? He said 1500.

break up

I dreamed my boyfriend got out of rehab and i though things were going to be better because before he went to rehab we were fighting and we fix things but it was how it was before i didnt feel him close to me and i dreamed last night that he got out and broke up with me and i was crying and that he was stilling going to my house to play with my brother but we wouldnt talk

2 in one

i had huge cats floating over me and my bed a whisper in my ear said don’t be afraid touch i i could feel everything as if i were awake then i woke up in to another dream walked around my house everything seemed unreal all the doors were locked and it was day light i turned around b