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If you hurt a person in your dreams, you will do ugly work, revenging and injuring.

If you are hurt, you will have enemies who will overcome you.

Mfixed emotions

I dreamt that me and my ex were together and then he asked me to be together again.I replied no,why am I gonna go out with you? So you can hurt me again?.i stormed out and into a bathroom and locked the door,but the knob came off,and took a bath in a big old fashion tub.


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I walk into my house, I do not know where I was, where I came from or how I got home, and see the same four dead people everywhere. They are on my bed, couch,my kids’ room the kitchen and the basement. I do not know them, but I am saddened when I look at them.


I was in this old house the furniture was like rags. I was in the house with my three Kids. And heard a knock on the door. I go to it to see who it was and open the door. And it was my aunt that has passed away 3 yrs before. She ask me if i would go and walk with her. She wanted to talk to me.

boat collision

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Dream of being in a boat and it collides with another and capsizes, I get out safely. Then I’m taking my lover to a massage appt. He wants to ride motorcycles to appt. Kendra is with us, so we have to take car, he acts cold and more attentive to Kendra than to me. I awake feeling hurt.

the strange man

in my dream i was two diffrent young women that i didnt even know and one lady was older and the other was about 17 the younger one climbed out the window then i didnt see her again then i was the older one and a older man started chaseing me tryin to kill me and i try toclimb out the window and he had a hold of my legs then i w