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To dream of a kitchen, denotes you will be forced to meet emergencies which will depress your spirits. For a woman to dream that her kitchen is clear. and orderly, foretells she will become the mistress of interesting fortunes.

the house

I am in a house that appears to be a storage building on the outside and in a row fashion so there is no side yard so to speak. The front is all concrete, sidewalk, curbs etc.


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I walk into my house, I do not know where I was, where I came from or how I got home, and see the same four dead people everywhere. They are on my bed, couch,my kids’ room the kitchen and the basement. I do not know them, but I am saddened when I look at them.


I was in my house and I could see a demon (that was black and red) standing in the hallway and chanting things. My mom was with me at the kitchen table and I would hide my face in her arm because I was scared to see it.

the shocking truth

I was in the home of my deceased grandmother. Everything in the home was as it was when she was alive,including her. while sitting on the couch watching tv, a puppy came and jumped in my lap. I played with the puppy, i remember feeling his warmth and weight.