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To dream that you watch domestic animals laboring under heavy burdens, denotes that you will be prosperous, but unjust to your servants, or those employed by you. To see men toiling, signifies profitable work, and robust health. To labor yourself, denotes favorable outlook for any new enterprise, and bountiful crops if the dreamer is interested in farming.


I was pregnant and in a hospital. I was pacing and in pain while my mom yelled at me saying she would find out who put this baby in me. I started crying. My belly wasn't very big though and I was in labor. The scene then changes.

Strange Labor

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My dream was that I was pregnant and going into labor. Although, it wasn't painful and every time I would go into the hospital for the delivery, the doctors would tell me that my body wasn't ready to deliver the baby yet and that I had to go home. Finally, when my body was ready and I went into the hospital I woke up.

pregnant & confused

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I am five months pregnant, & i had a dream last night that i went into labor early @ five months & i was bleeding ( for some reason it was alot of blood it wasnt normal at all) & told my boyfriend that it was time to go to the hospital & he said ok then told me he would be back, well

Staircase Labor

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I was in a high school building and I came to a very long, steep staircase. A very pregnant woman was at the top of the staircase in labor. She was breathing very heavily and there was another girl there with her, helping her down the stairs. I went over to the two girls?