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To dream of a man, if handsome, well formed and supple, denotes that you will enjoy life vastly and come into rich possessions. If he is misshapen and sour-visaged, you will meet disappointments and many perplexities will involve you. For a woman to dream of a handsome man, she is likely to have distinction offered her. If he is ugly, she will experience trouble through some one whom she considers a friend.

Ominous Visit

an elderly woman she had black eyes. a young boy eleven years old. a grown man the boys father named Jack. a big house. the elderly woman turned out to be my deceased grandmother. i was there to visit but rekindle the friendship with Jack from my childhood.

Screaming Man

A sort of set of recurring dreams, they all start realistically for the most part. Me with friends, at or outside of school or me spending time with Preston when someone, most often a man, will approach me. I never recognize them and feel myself looking at them in confusion but willingly holding a basic "how are you?" conversation with them.

Forest Deity

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A group of men are camping deep in the wilderness around a giant blaze. One of them goes to relieve himself in the blackness surrounding when he notices a green glow in the brambles. The brush begins to move and tangle, eventually forming the shape of a large powerful woman, vines for hair, acorns for teeth, black hollow eyes and an ominous grin.

The Man and the Floating Treehouse

This dream all started the year my dad died when I was 3. Now, every 3 years. A day after my birthday. I have this one reoccuring dream! I've had this dream from what I can remember when I was 3, 6, 9, and 12. This year I will be 15. The dream always takes place in a treehouse. But the treehouse isn't connected to a tree it's floating through outterspace!

Is it Real Love?

One of my best guy friends, which i have had a crush for for a long time, just left for the Navy. Before he left, two weeks before, he told me he has had feelings for me. This made me so incredibly happy, but sad too, because he was leaving. Last night, i had a dream about him and I, and we were engaged. We were so happy, in love, he treated me right in the dream and everything, we showed that physical and emotional connection.

Man chases and beats me

I had this weird dream where a man was chasing me, I could only see the back of me and the back of him. He grabbed me from behind and his arm muscles were huge. I broke free and when I turned around before I could see who he was he punched me in the face. I don't remember if anything else happened after that or I just woke up but that was all I can remember of the dream.