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To see your mother in dreams as she appears in the home, signifies pleasing results from any enterprise. To hold her in conversation, you will soon have good news from interests you are anxious over. For a woman to dream of mother, signifies pleasant duties and connubial bliss. To see one's mother emaciated or dead, foretells sadness caused by death or dishonor. To hear your mother call you, denotes that you are derelict in your duties, and that you are pursuing the wrong course in business. To hear her cry as if in pain, omens her illness, or some affliction is menacing you.

My Mothers Plea

I was in my adopted mothers house and was collecting all my pictures from when i was younger and my yearbooks putting them in a blanket then placing the blanket in chest to remind myself to take them before i went home and my mother asked me to come sit with her and she opened the chest to show me a

Missing My Mom

My mother passed about 16 years ago, but lately, I have been dreaming about the day she died. Although in real life, she was very ill and my brother and I took care of her from home, in my dream, I don't get there in time to tell her goodbye. Also, in my dream, I am told I can't talk about my mother to anyone. Even my father is telling me not to talk about her to anyone.

Profound Dream

Had a dream last night about a native American. He showed me a painting of an eagle then it turned into a real eagle. He talk about the woman on his land having babies. Then I ask him how many people lived on his land? He said 1500.

Mom Sexing Ex

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I had a dream that I was in a house I stayed In as a child. I was on the phone with my ex, and he told me that he had ex with my mother. She was in my brothers room. I asked her and she said "No". I went back into my room, this time, I waited to get in the closet and called him.

The Game

I was at some kind of bordgame land, and i was on start. The people of the board game didnt like us for some reason and were stuck up. The some guy looked the a fix of the peanut guy and Mr. Monopily. The first challenge was to babysit an animal. I got a talking cat that looked nothing like a cat. I fell inlove with him.

button tattoos

I dreamt I sewed white buttons that spelled words on two healthy children while babysitting them and I also sewed them on myself they spelled words ,I started to cry when the mother came home because I didnt know why I had done it only that it reminded me of a tattoo and her saying it was ok


I often dream of having conversations with my father who has passed away. In our conversations he tells me that he wishes I had a better relationship with my mother. He tells me to work on my relationship with her. I ask him for a cigarette and he tells me that he doesn’t have any because he’s dead and laughs.