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To dream that you are in need, denotes that you will speculate unwisely and distressing news of absent friends will oppress you. To see others in need, foretells that unfortunate affairs will affect yourself with others.

the move

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ok i had more than one dreams and need to know what the mineing off it all. ok the frist want i know. it was of fish, and found out my sis is 4 months and just found out she having a baby. the next want my ex off 8yrs and i was having sex what do it mine?

My scary dream

My dad was sitting down on the couch and I was falling asleep and I noticed he was not there anymore and then I heard a scream and bang like something hit the ground I went upstairs in my dads room and saw blood every where it scared me I go in the bathroom my mom was laying dead on the bathroom floor and I go to my dads room and I

The distress of Fred

I have a cat named Fred and I dreamt that I walked out on my moms back patio to find that Fred had been shot and was alive and weak walking slowing as if he were looking for me and I could see the bullet hole in his lower side and there was bright red blood all over his wound, paws and patio.

mysterious man

I wanted to get a new dog.This lady comes in with a kitten and i nod.In my mind i think,"No,i dont like cats,i want a dog" so i go into another room and ask for a dog.She brings in one at a time,i say no to all of them.My mom says i need to pick at least one.I get up and go to another lady.A guy in a black cloak with the hood up comes in.He has a cloth bag on hi

lovers day

well it started out as a normal day feeding the chickens and was off 2 school the guy i like sam k slapped me write across the face and then we we were going to the park and we kissed behind a bush the all of a sudden we were at my cusins house in illinio and sam my mom ben brad katy and john

The lost of a loved one

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I'm with my brother who killed himself 2 years ago. I am asking him if he killed himself or if someone had killed him. He tells me he did kill himself and that someone helped him hang himself. I ask who? he tells me that His wife's mother's boyfriend Roland helped him get the chain and tie it up. I ask him why? but he doesn't answer. I tell him that i have had many thoughts of killing myself.

The dolls

12:30 am There's this huge white mansion/house entirely surrounded by huge gardens. There are giant trees following the walkway to the house. The dream fades. When it starts again, I'm swinging on a rope-swing above a waterfall/sinkhole. In the middle are round cement stones. I swing over to them, but one is loose.