If you are surrounded by night in your dreams, you may expect unusual oppression and hardships in business. If the night seems to be vanishing, conditions which hitherto seemed unfavorable will now grow bright, and affairs will assume prosperous phases.

Profound Dream

Had a dream last night about a native American. He showed me a painting of an eagle then it turned into a real eagle. He talk about the woman on his land having babies. Then I ask him how many people lived on his land? He said 1500.

break up

I dreamed my boyfriend got out of rehab and i though things were going to be better because before he went to rehab we were fighting and we fix things but it was how it was before i didnt feel him close to me and i dreamed last night that he got out and broke up with me and i was crying and that he was stilling going to my house to play with my brother but we wouldnt talk

2 in one

i had huge cats floating over me and my bed a whisper in my ear said don’t be afraid touch i i could feel everything as if i were awake then i woke up in to another dream walked around my house everything seemed unreal all the doors were locked and it was day light i turned around b


FREE by Chloe Robinson Usually, I have the same thoughts running through my head at night, I wake up feeling the saMe; human. However, this dream was different, I felt different.. Free. I was myself in my dream, it changed rapidly.

Haunted in Nightmare

Its at night and i am walking somewhere with different people each time but i dont know who and i feel like i am being followed and when i turn to look just when i make out only a black figure of a human it turns and disapears but the last time i had the dream it was a wolf or dog or something instead of the human and the same thing happens.

Is it Real Love?

One of my best guy friends, which i have had a crush for for a long time, just left for the Navy. Before he left, two weeks before, he told me he has had feelings for me. This made me so incredibly happy, but sad too, because he was leaving. Last night, i had a dream about him and I, and we were engaged. We were so happy, in love, he treated me right in the dream and everything, we showed that physical and emotional connection.

A dream about a movie that never existed

i had dream that i was watching a movie that never existed. its was about this girl that wanted to own a business. she was young, she was about 6. she told her mom that she wanted to own the factory nearby. so one night they went there and the factory was about to close down forever and her and her mom went inside the factory and the mom locked her up there and said " this is what you wanted".


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