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If you are surrounded by night in your dreams, you may expect unusual oppression and hardships in business. If the night seems to be vanishing, conditions which hitherto seemed unfavorable will now grow bright, and affairs will assume prosperous phases.

The killer

There was a man in my house and I didn't know who he was. Everytime I brought one of my friends over they ended up dead. Every time my friends died I would rush to save them but it was to late. Then I would rush to my bed but I coulnt speed on it because it was messy so I made a bed on a table.

smother and can't get to my significant other

Donna Lash's picture
I'm sleeping and I feel like some one or some thing is trying to smother/suffocate me. But I can't tell with what. Each time I try to get my partner's attention by screaming or touching, but she ignores me. Last night I was on the couch sleeping, and had the same dream. Only this time I was screaming and saying the Lord's prayer.

crazy dreams

i was in this house with my wife she went to make the bed for us. I hered a nose and look through the peep hoil and the was a black eye looking back at me it was she backd off and seing there was a man and little girl with her.


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dreamed of a coke that was half frozen. snakes in a forest. my boss kinda sounds like what i think of my boss...hmmmm but i like my boss. also had another dream b4 this one in the same night. I was in a different car with someone and their seat belt was cut and i had to fix it.


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I had a dream were I was in a deep forest by myself at night. Then seemingly out of nowhere, a man with no shirt bit me on my arm and ran off. I fell to the ground as my vision blured and my arm felt as if it was on fire.