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If you are surrounded by night in your dreams, you may expect unusual oppression and hardships in business. If the night seems to be vanishing, conditions which hitherto seemed unfavorable will now grow bright, and affairs will assume prosperous phases.

My deceased mom

well my mom passed away almost a year ago. i have been having dreams of her waking up from her cascet and mumbling to me and i cant understand her. or last night i was laying in my bed "in my dream" and the tv got staticed and her face was made with the static and she was mumbling to me again and i couldnt understand what she was saying to me again.

confusing O.o

im outside laying on my boyfriends lap, hes rocking back and forth muttering "im so sorry baby" im covered in blood and so is he but i cant find out where the blood is coming from and then everything goes black and it repeats its self over and over through the night

Ocean and Mansion

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Last Night I Dreamed that I lived in an expansive Mansion and when I walked out the front door I lived on Ocean Front Property. There were Zebras and Horses in the dream as well. Everything was gorgeous and beautiful and expansive – seemed to stretch out for miles.

my beloved grandma

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My grandma passed away yesterday morning at 6am. Last night before I went to bed I prayed to god to give me a sign that grandma was at peace in heaven with my grandpa and her two sons. I also prayed for forgiveness for not writing her or calling her as much as I should have.

Snakes & Spiders

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I wake up REALLY scared and I see a spider or a snake crawling on me. I can feel it, see it, and touch it, and I’m fully awake. I can see it until I leave the room, and then when I come back it’s gone. It’s been recurring for over a year now, and become more frequent this past month, especially with the spiders.


I was in my house and I could see a demon (that was black and red) standing in the hallway and chanting things. My mom was with me at the kitchen table and I would hide my face in her arm because I was scared to see it.

the good byes

me and three friends were walking around, and we ended up at one of their homes to spend the night there. at night these guys come and kill my three friends but they dont kill me. then i feel hopeless without one of my guy friend that got killed. i’d blame myself for his death.

The White van

So pretty much i always have the same nigtmare. Always the same story line but differnt people or places. this has been happing since i was about 7 and im turning 18 now. Story is im walking usally at the night when a white van comes by me to ask for directions while i go to point back doors open and men in black come to snatch me.Theres never seats in the back and im tied up taken to some apartment.