If you are surrounded by night in your dreams, you may expect unusual oppression and hardships in business. If the night seems to be vanishing, conditions which hitherto seemed unfavorable will now grow bright, and affairs will assume prosperous phases.


i had this dream last night that really scared me. i was in my bathroom popping a zit and then my whole cheek like exploated and then all the like tendans and my vocal coards in my throat broke and it was just really nasty. can you please tell me what it means?

I guess I'm in love

Ok, so there is this boy I think he likes me in real life. so In this dream. I think me and this boy are boyfriend and girlfriend. So I really don’t know where it starts off, ok so me and this boy are walking together and are always together, in this dream. His ex girlfriend who is also my friend Is in this dream. So he says that in a day or two he’s gonna get hit by a car and die. I was very like sad.


I went to a night club with my friends, it was packed. I ran into a woman that I had known in my past. She looked startled. We were being pushed by the crowd and then she takes out a gun and starts killing people. She had a twin and the twin in another area starts killing people too.

weird pregnancy

Sun, 03/04/2012 - 20:10 -- Brandi

Last night I had a dream that I was pregnant however you could see the babies head, hands, and feet moving around and trying to push through my stomach. I start to go into labor in a building. I than started to run down some stairs and needed to sit for a second I had no idea where I even was.


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