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To dream that you are in pain, will make sure of your own unhappiness. This dream foretells useless regrets over some trivial transaction.

To see others in pain, warns you that you are making mistakes in your life.


I was pregnant and in a hospital. I was pacing and in pain while my mom yelled at me saying she would find out who put this baby in me. I started crying. My belly wasn’t very big though and I was in labor. The scene then changes.

Surround Me

Baby crying outside my window, Look and there isn’t a baby there. I go to my sisters room and it’s cold. I go walk into mine again and it’s even colder. The window had some how been opened. I try to get out of my room but the handle wouldnt turn.

The distress of Fred

I have a cat named Fred and I dreamt that I walked out on my moms back patio to find that Fred had been shot and was alive and weak walking slowing as if he were looking for me and I could see the bullet hole in his lower side and there was bright red blood all over his wound, paws and patio.

broken heart

I and my girlfriend are holding hands and in love and a dark figure comes up from behide us and only shots me and im on the floor in pain and my girlfriend is crying and then the dark figure comes right above me and kills

Statue child

I’m 25 years old but in my dream it felt like it was the year 1940 and I’m riding in an old black car and it’s day time but it’s like it’s muggy or blurry when I see from the sides of my eyes out the window I’m aware of other people in the car crying and it’s a car with the front seat a seat facing backwards behind the driver