To dream of an unknown party of men assaulting you for your money or valuables, denotes that you will have enemies banded together against you. If you escape uninjured, you will overcome any opposition, either in business or love.

To dream of attending a party of any kind for pleasure, you will find that life has much good, unless the party is an inharmonious one.

the move

ok i had more than one dreams and need to know what the mineing off it all. ok the frist want i know. it was of fish, and found out my sis is 4 months and just found out she having a baby. the next want my ex off 8yrs and i was having sex what do it mine?

Tornado of Love

In my dream my boyfriend and I were at a party when all of a sudden there was warning of a tornado,we ran to take cover there was no where to go, so we decided to burie ourselves in a mound of hay. So we stayed together we tied his belt to my jeans, we could hear the tornado approaching,debris flying and people screaming.

starting over

For years I had this dream that was so vivid I felt like I was there N could remember in detail whenever I was awake. It was close to my 18th birthday and right before graduation because I am at this party and we’re talking about both. From this I determine it had to be around may 2008.

Mysterious Murder

My dream was about me accidently killing some one underwater and i dressed up in a costume as them and went to their birthday party as them (the human boy from chalk zone the tv show). And his dad was the big shark from finding nemo. Any ways the dad sniffed me and found out i wasnt him so he chased me and ate me and i woke up screaming.

My Worst Incounter

At first it was me and my ant at this big party but to get to the party you had to clib 5 stories worth of stairs but at the top it was gettin difficult like a rope ladder with rope sides to ant made it but i just couldnt get to that top step and she tried to help me but i fell , but when i reached the ground i wasnt me i was this little blond headed girl. i went sit by a little innocent boy.


at some kind of party,or meeting,…i walk into an empty pool about 4 feet deep.
i see everyones legs from the pool and the amount of light behind their legs i only see siloets from thier legs


I am at a party with some friends. There is an awkward meeting with a recently divorced friend, then someone suggests we all head down to the beach. As we are gathering to leave, I realize it is a trap and we will all be killed once we arrive at the beach.


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