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To dream that you are walking in a narrow and rough path, stumbling over rocks and other obstructions, denotes that you will have a rough encounter with adversity, and feverish excitement will weigh heavily upon you. To dream that you are trying to find your path, foretells that you will fail to accomplish some work that you have striven to push to desired ends. To walk through a pathway bordered with green grass and flowers, denotes your freedom from oppressing loves.

Nightly Adventure

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I have the same type of dream with different modes of transportation or walking to get home or whereever I am suppose to be. The paths and scenery are unique and sometimes beautiful but it is always difficult to get there with many obstacles and wake up before I find the right path.


I had on a purple skirt and a white top the jacket was different shades of purple. I was driving a car, then I came to a rail road crossing, I stop but the truck behind me starting pushing my car in the path of the on coming train.

dog attack

in a house with strange people that was trashed running to warn everyone in my bed room a huge dog that was trashing my room i confronted the dog and it ran i chased it and it got trapped in the house then it attacked me and i then helped it to get out of the house i got hurt on my arms pretty bad bl

the beach love

i was walking on the beach in miami during the night time in the summer and its a cool breeze outside. my boyfriend comes out of one of the beach houses along the path and comes to hold me in his arms. as he's holding me he sings my favorite song shut it down by drake and he tells me he loves me

black ops monkeys

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im in a department store that i own its night time the doors are locked from the outside i walk along a aisle about to hide a paperor a item and the monkey walks over with a pipe like bomb that had a timer on the side i throw it at the monkey and it dies the second