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To receive presents in your dreams, denotes that you will be unusually fortunate.

Random Encounters

I was shopping in the mall with an old friend who has grown apart from me. I ended up in the passenger seat of my sister's new white pickup truck on a ski slope. My sister has a temper and she was very nice to me in the dream. She had pictures of us enjoying the ski slope projecting onto the windows of the car.


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Dream about my teen years right along with the present time. Friends from then around and we were at the seashore but my husband was there too and I didn't know him back then. Pleasant dream but hard to remember what it was really about.


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It was a small party at my house and I must have been back in highschool because all of my old friends were there. It was a cool summer day kind of overcast. I ended up leaving the back yard where most of the people were to look for my ex boyfriend (also my first).