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To dream of your purse being filled with diamonds and new bills, denotes for you associations where "Good Cheer" is the watchword, and harmony and tender loves will make earth a beautiful place.

Searching for "true love"

I am a Professional Photographer and I've been taking photos since I was nine years old and so in my dream I was walking through a beautiful meadow with tall grass and flowers that were so real and vivid colors, and then I remember a set of railroad tracks that I walked up to then I crossed over them and starting shooting a wedding

Overtaken by a group

I remember a room full of people, some were relatives,others I did not know.We were all thrown in together after being overtaken by an army of sorts.They were very manipulative.One moment very hard, then laxed ,letting some separate.I could not find my purse!!!Kept looking the whole time.(0Also got real mad in the beginning.I was trying to find something to wear.Mad at brothers and sisters).Then while separated I really liked one guy in the other room giving lessons.I was reunited with cer

left behind

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I was left at a party because I had to pee and took a ride with complete strangers because they would take me to my friends that left me, I had a red dress with a tee shirt and jeans underneath and could not find my purse. I have no idea who any of the people in the dream are.