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To dream of running in company with others, is a sign that you will participate in some festivity, and you will find that your affairs are growing towards fortune. If you stumble or fall, you will lose property and reputation. Running alone, indicates that you will outstrip your friends in the race for wealth, and you will occupy a higher place in social life. If you run from danger, you will be threatened with losses, and you will despair of adjusting matters agreeably. To see others thus running, you will be oppressed by the threatened downfall of friends. To see stock running, warns you to be careful in making new trades or undertaking new tasks.

Chase Dreams

Hot on Your Tail: What Chase Dreams Mean
You’re walking down a dark alleyway, when suddenly you feel chills run down your spine. Footsteps thud behind you, getting closer and closer. You turn around and see a figure, cloaked in shadows, chasing you. You start running as fast as you can, until you wake up screaming.


I just had a dream about some guy who kidnapped me and some other people and held us in his garage, he killed like 2 people and i ran up stairs trying to fight him with a bat, i hit him a couple of times in the head but he wouldnt really go down. By the end i was running away but he was still chasing me and i woke up.

My dead dog is my bestfriend comes back to life af

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i was laying on the ground looking at the clouds and all i hear is this heavy breathing. i thought it was someone running, so looked over at them. But when i looked over it was my dead dog that had been dead for 2years. i couldn't believe it. i was so happy she was back although i was worried how it happened too.


FREE by Chloe Robinson Usually, I have the same thoughts running through my head at night, I wake up feeling the saMe; human. However, this dream was different, I felt different.. Free. I was myself in my dream, it changed rapidly. I had climbed that tree to get to get to the top.

Falling for him?

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I started crying in school I was in my 3rd period class at the moment. The reason I was crying was because of my ex. I miss him so much. Then one of my friends Jose came along and he said why are you crying, I should be the one crying she broke up with me for him again. I said I was sorry.

through manny tears

I was in the hall way of hotel where we where staying at the time. And seen this women running down falling left and right every wayas she was running from something coming from a room that she did something she was not soposto do. I did not go in to are room. But stood there to see as she got closer the Lord said move less she knock u down. And did as said.

Never ending

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My boyfriend and me and a girl were in a black person store inthe mall. Then we went in a back room. And i told them to stay there and i went through another door and it was a long hall way and every turn i made was another long halway.

I guess I'm in love

Ok, so there is this boy I think he likes me in real life. so In this dream. I think me and this boy are boyfriend and girlfriend. So I really don't know where it starts off, ok so me and this boy are walking together and are always together, in this dream. His ex girlfriend who is also my friend Is in this dream. So he says that in a day or two he's gonna get hit by a car and die. I was very like sad.


Basically in my dream the setting is the house me and my family lived before this house they live in now. I'm traped by my father he is trying to rape me but I always get away running down the street then I wake up.