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To dream that you use a hand-saw, indicates an energetic and busy time, and cheerful home life.

To see big saws in machinery, foretells that you will superintend a big enterprise, and the same will yield fair returns. For a woman, this dream denotes that she will be esteemed, and her counsels will be heeded.

To dream of rusty or broken saws, denotes failure and accidents.

To lose a saw, you will engage in affairs which will culminate in disaster.

To hear the buzz of a saw, indicates thrift and prosperity.

To find a rusty saw, denotes that you will probably restore your fortune.

To carry a saw on your back, foretells that you will carry large, but profitable, responsibilities.

lost in sleep

i am sandra im 49 yrs old and was in a bad car wreck in 1996 and i passed away and came back to life now i have dreams all the time some thing comes and gets me and takes me to show me things i had one today when takeing a nap i saw a women in a house she was very beautifull long blond hair and had a white robe on and she told me her name and then i was in a car goin

Freaky Friday

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I was standing there in an unfamiliar room yelling at two men and when I killed them with my wand I looked in the mirror and saw that I had red eyes my pupils were vertical and I had slits for nostrils. I had no hair and I had long hands and I was pale.

Perplexing Fire

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I keep having the same recurring dream with only one difference each time and that is the structure. I dream about arriving at a place ( first time a brick house, second time a hospital, third time a mobile home…) but they are always the only building around. Like in the middle of a deserted field or the like.


I entered an old vacant house out in the country. I saw a beautiful women with long blond hair wearing a white flowing nighty, standing at the top of a stairs. She was a ghost. She floated down the steps. When she reached me I tried to touch her.