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To dream that you use a hand-saw, indicates an energetic and busy time, and cheerful home life. To see big saws in machinery, foretells that you will superintend a big enterprise, and the same will yield fair returns. For a woman, this dream denotes that she will be esteemed, and her counsels will be heeded. To dream of rusty or broken saws, denotes failure and accidents. To lose a saw, you will engage in affairs which will culminate in disaster. To hear the buzz of a saw, indicates thrift and prosperity. To find a rusty saw, denotes that you will probably restore your fortune. To carry a saw on your back, foretells that you will carry large, but profitable, responsibilities.


i was getting up from my recliner chair trying to turn on the light,suddenly someone tried to put a cover on my face trying to suffocate me,i fought & i fought & at the same time praying to god to help me to fight whoever is trying to harm me ,then i woke up,i saw a woman coming towards me & split into two people like a

the devil

i was asleep i saw a black cloud suffocating me in the bed ,the whole bedroom was dark even the ceiling ,i cant move, i prayed then i saw the bedroom ceiling lighten up,then iwent back to sleep,i saw the devil in t

My Wedding Surprise

It was my birthday and my family was luring me to a theater for a big surprise. I was brought to an area that was set up for my wedding, but the surprise was I didn't know who I was marrying. I saw an old friend, sat beside her, asked her what she was doing, she told me she was moving to the state I just moved to in (real life).

squeeze me to death

i dreamt i was at a baseball field and got a phone call asking me if i'm the lady that found someone's jacket. I said yes and the person said i'm coming to get it can I bring you something to eat, i said no. She said stay right where you are and then a huge muscular man walks up behind me, grabs me around my chest area and tells me he's going to squeeze me to death.

The Perfect Room

it was snowing outside and i was in a dark school hallway wth my science class and the teacher told us to go through this barricaded door so we did and when we walked in, it was this huge area of beautiful grass and a blue sky and nice outdoor chairs. when i looked passed it all i was looking outside. it was snowing out and i could see the whole town.

good dream turns into nightmare

Me and my dad were driving in a car and we stopped at this store, everything was normal, green grass, trees, nice new building, so we walked in, and after atleast an hour of looking and buying things, i heard a loud screech, and everything around me faded, like paint peeled from the walls, the clothes turned into nasty old moldy g

dead darren:(

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im walkin in the woods and a black wolf apears he brings mee to a clearin where there is dead bodies the wolf turns in a man and he says "the ones you love will die" then i turned and saw that the bodies were of my

Sunset Swings

I had a dream that I was in this playground I used to spend a lot of time in. I was on the swings with a boy that I used to really like, but I haven't seen him in many years. I looked away from him, past the fence. I saw the sun setting over the ocean. When I looked back another boy was there. This boy was totally different. He is the one I have a crush on now.