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To dream of sleeping on clean, fresh beds, denotes peace and favor from those whom you love.

To sleep in unnatural resting places, foretells sickness and broken engagements.

To sleep beside a little child, betokens domestic joys and reciprocated love.

To see others sleeping, you will overcome all opposition in your pursuit for woman’s favor.

To dream of sleeping with a repulsive person or object, warns you that your love will wane before that of your sweetheart, and you will suffer for your escapades.

For a young woman to dream of sleeping with her lover or some fascinating object, warns her against yielding herself a willing victim to his charms.

Test-Taking Dreams

Pop Quiz! What Test-Taking Dreams Mean

The anxiety and stress of test taking don’t end on graduation day. On the contrary, most of us revisit those traumatic moments for the rest of our lives, thanks to the brain’s habit of dredging up the past during dreams. It doesn’t matter if you’re twenty-eight or eighty-two: sleep sagas about showing up unprepared for an exam will strike at any age. Why are dreams like this so common, and, more important, what are they trying to tell us?

Mom Sexing Ex

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I had a dream that I was in a house I stayed In as a child. I was on the phone with my ex, and he told me that he had ex with my mother. She was in my brothers room. I asked her and she said "No". I went back into my room, this time, I waited to get in the closet and called him.

Breaking into house

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I keep having this dream of people breaking into my house. I am asleep and I hear someone breaking in. I tell my boyfriend that I think someone is breaking in and he continues to sleep. They then come into our house. They never take anything. In my dream I am really scared and then I just seem to either wake up or stop dreaming.

Is it Real Love?

One of my best guy friends, which i have had a crush for for a long time, just left for the Navy. Before he left, two weeks before, he told me he has had feelings for me. This made me so incredibly happy, but sad too, because he was leaving. Last night, i had a dream about him and I, and we were engaged. We were so happy, in love, he treated me right in the dream and everything, we showed that physical and emotional connection.

What does this mean.

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I felt a pinch then my body became paralyzed then a women came in pushed my down onto a chair. She then began taunting and dancing in from of me and I could’nt do anything. Then she got close to my face and blow a cold mist that I felt all over my sleeping body but i cound’nt wake up.