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If you see your uncle in a dream, you will have news of a sad character soon.

To dream you see your uncle prostrated in mind, and repeatedly have this dream, you will have trouble with your relations which will result in estrangement, at least for a time.

To see your uncle dead, denotes that you have formidable enemies.

To have a misunderstanding with your uncle, denotes

that your family relations will be unpleasant, and illness will be continually present.

A Missed Uncle

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I have had a dream the last two nights of my uncle who was killed back on April 25, 1980 at the age of 25. He laid himself across a set of railroad tracks in the south suburbs in the early morning and was killed instantly.


running through the woods with my father he keeps telling me to keep up. once i realized where we were going we was chasing after my uncle who is dead we were trying to catch up to him. by the time we spotted him again he was on the other side of a river.


we went to cuba because my father got a new job killing men with my uncle, my mother told us to close our eyes because a dead body they just killed was passing by my sister and i were were crying, i crouched down and put my shirt over my head and was


I at my grandmothers house and my uncle comes to the door. I am told to go to traiin station to say goodbye to my grandfather. Iget there and I have missed the train. Now ii am traveling on different trains with a little girl. I keep searching the trains for him.

Michael's Death

I got a call saying my 28 year old brother had fallen 20 feet to his death waiting in line for a ride at disneylands space mountain and my 14 year old son witnessed it happen. When I got the call, I freaked out, went to disneyland and they had his body in a body bag and they were explaining to my mom by puting a red disc on a wall saying that Michael was gone.

loss love

i’m out runing to stores getting ready for a big dinner i’m having at my house i dont really know if it an hoilday or just dinner…i’m coming out the store and i run into my son aunt and kids and his uncle i stop to speak and the sister leave so i still taking to my