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To dream that you attend a wake, denotes that you will sacrifice some important engagement to enjoy some ill-favored assignation. For a young woman to see her lover at a wake, foretells that she will listen to the entreaties of passion, and will be persuaded to hazard honor for love.


In my dream I wake up to begin my day. When I look into my make-up mirror my hair has completely turned silver-gray. My face is still young, but the reflection is not me (even though I feel like myself, I look completely different).


I had a dream that my husband, myself & some friends went out, but my husband & I arrived at different times and when I went to see if he was there I found him with another woman. I couldn't see her face and when I tried to confront them both she took off quickly.

Hand Cut Off

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Hand cut off by Shay Rease I had a dream I was being chased, and all of a sudden my hand was cut off! I ran around the rest of the dream with bandages on my arm, I reach a doorway and then wake-up!

Screaming Man

A sort of set of recurring dreams, they all start realistically for the most part. Me with friends, at or outside of school or me spending time with Preston when someone, most often a man, will approach me. I never recognize them and feel myself looking at them in confusion but willingly holding a basic "how are you?" conversation with them.

Grandfather is Alive

I have had a dream three times about my grandfather who passed in January. First, I went to visit his grave and when I got there his casket was outside and it appeared as though he had come out of it. Dream #2 and 3 are that I am in line to view his body and he's moving in the casket. It's an open casket and I can see his arms moving and his eyes are closed. Then when I walk pass him he gets out.


FREE by Chloe Robinson Usually, I have the same thoughts running through my head at night, I wake up feeling the saMe; human. However, this dream was different, I felt different.. Free. I was myself in my dream, it changed rapidly. I had climbed that tree to get to get to the top.

the house

I am in a house that appears to be a storage building on the outside and in a row fashion so there is no side yard so to speak. The front is all concrete, sidewalk, curbs etc.

Breaking into house

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I keep having this dream of people breaking into my house. I am asleep and I hear someone breaking in. I tell my boyfriend that I think someone is breaking in and he continues to sleep. They then come into our house. They never take anything. In my dream I am really scared and then I just seem to either wake up or stop dreaming.