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To dream of a watch, denotes you will be prosperous in well-directed speculations. To look at the time of one, your efforts will be defeated by rivalry. To break one, there will be distress and loss menacing you. To drop the crystal of one, foretells carelessness, or unpleasant companionship. For a woman to lose one, signifies domestic disturbances will produce unhappiness. To imagine you steal one, you will have a violent enemy who will attack your reputation. To make a present of one, denotes you will suffer your interest to decline in the pursuance of undignified recreations.

protect the baby

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I had a dream that i was protecting a infant baby and the people i was with wanted to harm the baby i handed it to a stranger to protect it the stranger cut off the baby pinkie finger. I was told to watch who i trust that the baby finger was cut off like a cutcumber.

starting over

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For years I had this dream that was so vivid I felt like I was there N could remember in detail whenever I was awake. It was close to my 18th birthday and right before graduation because I am at this party and we're talking about both. From this I determine it had to be around may 2008.

My Worst Incounter

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At first it was me and my ant at this big party but to get to the party you had to clib 5 stories worth of stairs but at the top it was gettin difficult like a rope ladder with rope sides to ant made it but i just couldnt get to that top step and she tried to help me but i fell , but when i reached the ground i wasnt me i was this little blond headed girl. i went sit by a little innocent boy.

The 4 Statues

In my dream I walked in to a house, thinking it was my house but it was not. It was like my house, but different. My friend was in the living room, watching a really scary movie. She really wanted me to watch it, but I said no and tried to bake a cake, but I spilled the batter all over when I heard screaming coming from the movie.