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To dream of clear water, foretells that you will joyfully realize prosperity and pleasure.

If the water is muddy, you will be in danger and gloom will occupy Pleasure’s seat.

If you see it rise up in your house, denotes that you will struggle to resist evil, but unless you see it subside, you will succumb to dangerous influences.

If you find yourself baling it out, but with feet growing wet, foreshadows trouble, sickness, and misery will work you a hard task, but you will forestall them by your watchfulness. The same may be applied to muddy water rising in vessels.

To fall into muddy water, is a sign that you will make many bitter mistakes, and will suffer poignant grief therefrom.

To drink muddy water, portends sickness, but drinking it clear and refreshing brings favorable consummation of fair hopes.

To sport with water, denotes a sudden awakening to love and passion.

To have it sprayed on your head, denotes that your passionate awakening to love will meet reciprocal consummation.

The following dream and its allegorical occurrence in actual life is related by a young woman student of dreams:

“Without knowing how, I was (in my dream) on a boat, I waded through clear blue water to a wharfboat, which I found to be snow white, but rough and splintry. The next evening I had a delightful male caller, but he remained beyond the time prescribed by mothers and I was severely censured for it.” The blue water and fairy white boat were the disappointing prospects in the symbol.

demons and holy water

dreaming that you have evil forces inside of you and someone trying to put holy water around you in a circle and when she actually put it on me i became very strong not wanting it all over me i became with strong powers and ran for help asking another woman in the dream to help me get the demon out of me what does that mean.

the house

I am in a house that appears to be a storage building on the outside and in a row fashion so there is no side yard so to speak. The front is all concrete, sidewalk, curbs etc.

Lady who walks on all fours

I have been dreaming of this (not black nor white) lady. She walks on all fours, she hasnt tried to harm me yet. but the last dream i had of her she tried to communicate with me. i think she is death or mute. cause she tries o use sign languages to communicate with me. i have dreamed of her twice for the past week. I cant remember the first dream.