To dream that you are hard at work, denotes that you will win merited success by concentration of energy.

To see others at work, denotes that hopeful conditions will surround you.

To look for work, means that you will be benefited by some unaccountable occurrence.

love or lust

I was watching my son and my friends kids while she went to work and her husband was out of town my husband left for work and the kids and i were playing when there was a knock at the door it was my friends husband he got back early and the kids were

old friend

i was on a bus with my grandaughter and we were going up a hill but the bus could not make it so the driver had to back down we got off i went to a old job it had all new people working there but one of my old bosses was still there he had everyne stop work to meet me and grandson who he thought was my nephew he said he about 13 now i said david this is dominique he was 8 in march not damien he


I often dream of having conversations with my father who has passed away. In our conversations he tells me that he wishes I had a better relationship with my mother. He tells me to work on my relationship with her. I ask him for a cigarette and he tells me that he doesn’t have any because he’s dead and laughs.

Dad and daughter

My father has been deceased for 3 yrs now and I had, a dream that he was waiting for me like I used to when I was little in front of the house when he gets off work and he said what took you so long like I used to say so I said what you doing he said playing cards with my grand daughter so I said why are yall playing in the dark


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