To dream of seeing young people, is a prognostication of reconciliation of family disagreements and favorable times for planning new enterprises.

To dream that you are young again, foretells that you will make mighty efforts to recall lost opportunities, but will nevertheless fail.

For a mother to see her son an infant or small child again, foretells that old wounds will be healed and she will take on her youthful hopes and cheerfulness. If the child seems to be dying, she will fall into ill fortune and misery will attend her.

To see the young in school, foretells that prosperity and usefulness will envelope you with favors.

Test-Taking Dreams

Pop Quiz! What Test-Taking Dreams Mean

The anxiety and stress of test taking don’t end on graduation day. On the contrary, most of us revisit those traumatic moments for the rest of our lives, thanks to the brain’s habit of dredging up the past during dreams. It doesn’t matter if you’re twenty-eight or eighty-two: sleep sagas about showing up unprepared for an exam will strike at any age. Why are dreams like this so common, and, more important, what are they trying to tell us?


Dreamed of an old boyfriend from my teen age years. We were both young again. I had a small child. He seemed to be helping me with raising the child; but apparently was not the father. When the child seemed to be too heavy for me to lift in my arms he carried him. Although we did not live together the child and I were often invited to eat a meal with him and his parents.

(Almost) Dead

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 11:52 -- Brooke

I died, for unknown reasons, and fell on the ground, but I wasn’t quite dead. The cells in my body were taking a abnormally long time to die, so I could walk and talk, but my voice was raspy and my gait was funny. When I tried to explain to people that I was dead, they all didn’t believe me, except for my Mom.

Purse snatcher

alking into a mall with my son, i was acosted by a young lady who wanted to take my purse. she pulled at it and i pulled back, she then reached inside the purse and pulled out my purfume, i took the perfume out of her hands and pulled my purse away from her.

Screaming Child

I am sitting outside with my boyfriend, he has a young boy sitting on his lap. The little boy screams bloody murder any time we make eye contact and he won’t let me touch him until one time I scream back at him, then he wants me to pick him up.

Ghost Child

My dream was about some kind of child, sometimes it would be my unborn child (concreting I’m only 19) it would sometimes be my niece (I have a nephew) or even my unborn twin (I don’t have one). It was a strange thing, and in this dream, i never knew I had some one related to me like that because they died at a really young age.


In my dream I wake up to begin my day. When I look into my make-up mirror my hair has completely turned silver-gray. My face is still young, but the reflection is not me (even though I feel like myself, I look completely different).


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