Three Big Porcupines

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I had this dream for the first time this morning. I was laying on the floor and an exboyfriend was also laying on the floor with me and we were chatting. (Currently we are on a break but still living together for financial reasons.) Suddenly three huge porcupines run through a pet door (but we don’t have any pets) and into the house. He quickly moves off the floor and tries to grab my hand to pull me up but I freeze. The three porcupines are right near my head so I curl up and cover my head with my hands. I feel something and when I get up i see that one of the porcupines has thrown off all of his quils. Some of them are tangled in my hair but none have hit me anywhere else. The other two porcupines are fine, the other one looks like a tiny little pink body with only a handful of quils left on its body. My exboyfirend helps me get the ones out of my hair and two of the porcupines run out of the pet door. I tell him to grab the vaccum to clean up the mess. I move towards the pet door and I close it, I think that the other porcupine is dead. Suddenly the other porcupine starts running toward the door and slams into it his remaining quils come flying off and hit me all around the mouth. I have to pull he quils out one by one, and it really hurts but I am very calm and each time I pull one out i look at its shape. I look into a mirror while i am taking them out and each time a I take one out there is a small hole and then it quickly closes. What does this mean??


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