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Tips for Analyzing Your Dreams

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You must study the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation. Never try to guess the meaning of your dreams based on your suppositions. The dream language has a specific meaning that only Carl Jung could discover, as I prove with my research.

Thus, your first step for analyzing your dreams and determining their meaning must be based on studies. You should study the dream language made by images the same way you study any language made only by words.

This is a simple matter today. I have greatly simplified Jung’s method for you.

Here are a few tips that will help you easily translate your dreams, once you learn the basics:

  • Remember that all dreams have a protective function. They help you understand the mistakes you make for being influenced by your anti-conscience and by your one-sided psychological type. Your dreams also help you predict the future so that you may prevent bad situations. Therefore, look at your dreams as if you were looking at a list of mistakes, or at a list of dangers that are threatening your peace of mind.

    You will be able to understand what is really good in life only if you know what is bad. Human beings are actors because they are afraid to show to others how selfish they are. This is why you are eluded by the hypocrisy of your social environment. The unconscious mind takes off all masks through your dreams to reveal the entire truth about yourself and about the world you live in.

  • Remember that all dream images are symbols, and must be translated in a symbolic form. It doesn’t matter if you see people and objects that are familiar to you in your dreams. They have a symbolic meaning totally independent of the meaning they have in your daily life. Thus, don’t let your suppositions and feelings influence your translations.

    The dream language is universal. All dream symbols have the same meaning for all dreamers. However, the dream messages depend of the dream’s context. The dream symbols are the unconscious words.

  • Remember that the dreams about the person you love don’t have the same symbolic meaning of all the other types of dreams. Love is the most dangerous aspect in your life. Thus, everything you see in your dreams about a special person is giving you information about this person, and not about who you are.

    Dreams about love are not symbolic in general terms. Thus, if you’ll see that the person you love is cheating on you with one of your friends, the meaning of this dream is clearly showing you a bitter truth.

    The unconscious mind opens your eyes. If you are eluded by false impressions you will lose the floor under your feet when you’ll suddenly learn the truth. You’ll also lose your mind in your despair. The unconscious warnings work like a parachute that prevents you from falling from a great height without protection.

    Dreams about love will have a positive meaning once you are a balanced human being. Only then will you meet your soul mate, and have a perfect relationship.

  • If your knowledge is only theoretical, you won’t understand how helpful dream therapy is. You have to practice and translate many dreams, so that you may really learn the dream language. This is how you’ll reap all the benefits provided to you by this knowledge.


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