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Today Is the Day of Pigs

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Today is the day. The day of the pigs. The day that humanity will see the truth. Buckle up Princess, this is going to be one hell of a ride.

Someday I hope to gain an appreciation for the arts.

But until such a time that I am granted the serenity of mind;
And the equilibrium in life, that I can acquire a hobby of sorts,
You will be hearing from me.

To those who are bringing forth a new battle: You are foolish to start such in a time of war. Do not let me alter your brainchild to the point that s/he/it achieves such a state of mind that they will no longer indulge your ridiculous notions of a half-man, half-beast anti-Christ, bringing about such a revolution, in which the young minds shall triumph, and the old shall perish, along with all of their wisdom. From their graves, the remaining have hurriedly dug, the old will graciously conceal their contempt, as they lay silently, at a muted peace with themselves and the world. But, when it is the end, they will laugh in my face, and they will laugh in your face. They will laugh because in our foolish adolescent haste, that only a young heart can posses, we neglected to see time as the object it is.

Rather, our function, has managed to see Time, as a mere idea that our inadequately availed minds have only managed to process as somewhat of a nuisance, on occasion. Our haste is our downfall. We, as one people, have never been worse off. Live forever, death is only a shadow away. For, to the young, who are pouring their diluted souls into this malarkey, the Men of Our Great Country call; Propaganda. I bare my teeth in disdain for you. Foolish pubescents. If only you knew of the bloodshed your fathers drew for you. The countless lives that were lost so that you could spend hours watching a Stuffed Pooh and a Big Red Dog, who would instill ideas of awkwardly spoken, mentally despondent, multi-colored fluff balls as your Neil Alden Armstrong’s. A pity that today as I sit in silence listening to a young boy tell me I have one last chance, I laugh.

Inwardly of course.

Those around me, do not know I have neglected this warning. For the boy has brazenly taken this message and put a tune of sorts behind it. Not to be mistaken, it is well-known to me that melodies are very clearly a direct portal to the human soul, but alas, one should not be approaching a beings soul in such a manner when hoping to deliver a message of such proportions. No. I again state: Foolish pubescents. What a lost cause. The ratio is failing. Perhaps the ratio was never meant to succeed. We were fucked from the beginning!

No, my sincerest apologies, that is no such talk when Earmuffs have not yet been declared a rule. Go to bed sweetie, I will be up in a minute to tuck you in. To those in wait, the day is dawning so I must leave you, regrettably. Do, as a life is lived but once. Do not stray from the path. Stick to your guns, they will come in handy sooner then you may think. In finality, and with much regret that I will never have such a grand opportunity to speak with a most bashful, withdrawn, yet brilliant being(s)/apparition(s) again, I say to you in what I can only hope is a window into the future tribulations, as well as a doorway to the memories long forgotten by ancestors who valiantly fought for our Sanity. Today is the day. The day of the pigs. The day that humanity will see the truth. Do not be frightened, you chose your path, smile and take your destiny with a warm heart and an open mind. One love. 


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