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Tornado Dream

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Last night, I dreamed that I was driving home from a friend’s house, and when I got almost home, my car broke down. Being that I was only about a block away, I decided to walk home and get some help. Once I started walking, I looked over to my right and noticed that in the distance there were about seven tornadoes of various size and color (grey, brown, and white). I thought that I had better hurry up and get home because they were coming my way, so I turned and started walking again. Then I looked to my left, and watched a tornado form next to the road and come towards me. It was spinning clockwise, I don’t know if that matters. Anyways, it was in the middle of the road just kind of staying put, just spinning, so I decided I would need to try to go around it. When I approached it, it came towards me, and I started to become a little concerned but I kind of thought it was cool. Then, I started to feel its pull and it started to suck me in, left arm first. I was trying to pull away and was putting up a good struggle. Then I woke up. I would really like to know if this dream means anything, because it was so vivid and I have never dreamed about tornadoes before that I can remember. Any help I could get on this would be most appreciated. Thanks!


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