A True Prediction

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Dreams give us information about too many different aspects of our reality. I continued Carl Jung’s research about the meaning of dreams, discovering real solutions for all human problems.

You are very lucky because today you can easily learn the dream language through my simplification. Jung’s students have to delay at least two years in order to understand half of what you are going to understand only by reading my work, even before beginning to translate your own dreams.

  • Dreams give you information about your mental health, your physical health, your behavior, and everything else that is related to your personality.
  • Dreams give you information about the other people and the world you live in.
  • Dreams give you also information about the future, your destiny, and the meaning of life and death. You learn how to avoid your premature death, and many things that you would never learn otherwise.
  • When you understand the unconscious warnings, you are protected from dangers that you cannot see. Through dream interpretation according to the scientific method you enter in a different dimension because you are guided by the unconscious mind that proves God’s existence. The unconscious wisdom has a divine origin.

The unconscious mind gives you very clear information in dreams when you are in danger, or when something very important is happening in your life.

I remember a dream I saw three years before getting married, in which a voice was telling me that my husband would stop loving me after a short period of time. I was nineteen years old. I even related this dream to my husband. He told me that he would love me forever.

However, this dream was revealing a bitter truth that I couldn’t see. My husband didn’t love me. He was only manipulating me because he wanted to take advantage of my intelligence and goodness. I was too naïve.

This dream was a true prediction that I verified into practice a few years later. Its meaning was very clear because I was in danger, but at that time I didn’t believe that dreams were warnings, and that their predictions were real.

Dreams about the person we love are not as symbolic as dreams about our mental health. The unconscious mind was trying to help me understand that I shouldn’t get married to the wrong person. In the end, my marriage became a big drama.

You must learn the dream language without delay. This way, you’ll never make serious mistakes like I did when I was very young. The unconscious mind won’t let you get involved with the wrong people, or fall in anyone’s traps. Dreams help you discover authentic happiness based on the truth as it is. You are never misled by false impressions. You are always protected and enlightened.


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