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Understanding Dreams

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Your dreams reflect your psychological problems, and your daily problems. They show you pictures of the functioning of your psyche. They explain why your behavior is influenced by psychological factors. They also give you information about your reality and the world you live in. 

The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me gives you accurate translations of the meaning of the most important dream symbols. These symbols define the meaning of each dream.

The psychological importance of the dream images is based on the relationship between your reality and your behavior. For example, when you see a dream in which you are near the sea, this means that your ego is near craziness. You represent your ego in dreams. The sea represents the craziness contained in the anti-conscience, the wild side of your conscience. 

By analyzing this dream symbol, you can understand that your ideas are absurd. Now, you have to think about what is happening in your life. For example, let’s suppose that you intend to abandon your job because you feel too tired. After seeing a dream in which you are near the sea, you’ll understand that your intention is absurd. 

If you leave your job you won’t be able to pay your bills and you’ll have many problems in your daily life, which will subsequently cause depression and suffering. You must avoid this situation. If you are not happy with your job, this doesn’t mean that you should simply abandon it. Look for another job before abandoning your current one. Don’t act before thinking about the consequences of your actions.

If you see a dream in which you are catching a fish in the ocean, the meaning of this dream is positive. The fish you catch represents a special treasure. 

The sea always represents craziness in dreams, but the fact that you managed to catch a fish in the sea means that you could find what is positive in the human psyche. A calm fish in general terms represents divinity. In other words, the fish represents the presence of the wise unconscious mind in your psyche. The divine unconscious mind helps you eliminate the craziness you have inherited in the biggest part of your brain and psyche. When you catch a fish in a dream, the fish represents an important treasure that will greatly improve your life.

Now, you have to relate this information to what is happening in your life. Let’s suppose that you have decided to take dream interpretation very seriously after understanding the psychological importance of dreams. Thus, the treasure represented by the fish in your dream is the unconscious wisdom. By learning dream language, you’ll be into contact with the divine unconscious wisdom that will transform you into a wise human being. This is the best treasure you could find in your life.

The fish you have found shows you that you are not being influenced by the absurdity of the anti-conscience. Whenever you see positive dream symbols in a dream this means that you are winning the battle against your anti-conscience. In other words, you are eliminating your primitive and wild conscience, and your human conscience is becoming stronger. This movement reflects the process of consciousness.

Consciousness is your capacity to discern what is good and what is bad. You have a huge anti-conscience that is totally absurd and doesn’t understand the meaning of goodness, and a tiny human conscience that is under developed. As you eliminate the absurd content you have inherited in your anti-conscience, you develop the sensibility of your human conscience. In other words, the content of your brain that stops belonging to your anti-conscience because you have acquired consciousness, starts belonging to the human side of your conscience. Thus, your human conscience becomes stronger and your anti-conscience becomes weaker. Your dreams reflect this movement. 

All dreams seem to be confused in the beginning. However, as you translate the meaning of the dream symbols you find in each dream, you are enlightened. This is why whenever you translate a dream you must begin by identifying the known dream symbols. After finding their meaning, you’ll easily understand the meaning of the other details of the dream. 

Everything will become very clear when you relate this information to what is happening in your daily life. All dream messages basically help you develop your intelligence and sensitivity so that you may become a self-confident and balanced human being.


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