Understanding the Meaning of Dreams

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There are so many different dream interpretation methods everywhere that those who ignore the truth about the meaning of dreams follow them, without understanding that they are being misled by mere opinions.

On the other hand, most people believe that we cannot really understand the meaning of dreams. This is why they are not so demanding when looking for dream interpretations. They don’t expect to be able to solve all the problems of their lives or to receive trustful guidance.

However, the truth is that the meaning of our dreams is very important. When scientifically analyzed, our dreams provide us with complete psychotherapy and safe guidance.

I looked for the real meaning of dreams many years ago because I was very depressed. Since I had no money for following psychotherapy with a psychotherapist at that time, I started looking for a solution by reading many psychology books.

I was very intelligent, and an excellent student. I read everything concerning the meaning of dreams according to many different scientific methods, following all them for a certain period of time.

I then decided to follow only Carl Jung’s method because it was the only one that worked in all cases. Other methods seemed to be ideal only for certain types of dreams, but were totally helpless for translating complex dream scenes.

I never had the intention of becoming a psychologist or psychiatrist. I was a literature writer who had a great talent. It seemed so obvious that someday I would become a known literary writer!

However, I had to leave my country (Brazil), due to its financial and social problems when I was still very young. I decided to live in Greece where I have many relatives because my parents are Greek. Therefore, I lost the Portuguese language I knew so well. I didn’t feel comfortable with the complicated Greek language, and I stopped writing poetry.

Many years later, I analyzed the symbolic meaning of my own literary works. I discovered that I could understand the meaning of dreams much better than Jung. This happened because I used to write inspired by the unconscious mind that produces our dreams and gives us also artistic talents or a religious inclination.

I found sound mental health, and I helped many other people by translating their dreams for them, and providing psychotherapy.

The unconscious mind is a psychiatrist who knows everything about everyone’s mental condition. I only had to follow its guidance in order to help everyone solve the most difficult psychological problems. I was able to cure mental illnesses that are thought to be incurable.

I was obliged to follow this route due to my success on scientific dream interpretation and the comprehension that I had the moral obligation to help everyone with this precious knowledge. The unconscious mind was constantly encouraging me, and demanding from me solutions for more difficult problems.

My story proves that dreams are very important, and that only the scientific method of dream interpretation really translates their meaning. You should take advantage of this information, and find real solutions to all problems.


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