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Understanding Nightmares

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Some people believe that their nightmares don’t have a serious meaning or they justify them believing that external causes like over-eating are responsible for their appearance.

However, a nightmare is a very serious warning from the unconscious mind, which indicates danger.

We dream because the wise unconscious mind is always trying to protect our human conscience from the invasion of our wild conscience into our human conscience, since this invasion causes mental illnesses. This is why the unconscious mind sends us secret messages in a symbolic form.

The unconscious mind is also always teaching our human conscience several ways through which it can be completely developed because the biggest part of our brain belongs to our wild and primitive conscience that has not passed through the process of consciousness.

Therefore, when we see nightmares, the unconscious mind is certainly warning us that the wild part of our conscience is dominating us and therefore, destroying our human side. We must be very careful and try to discern our mistakes.

The invasion of the wild content is too powerful. If we don’t do something drastic to prevent the destruction of our human conscience, the anti-conscience, in other words, the wild and violent conscience we have inherited, is going to take our place and control our behavior.

The nightmare is an alarm because we are doing absurd and foolish things that will cause many future problems, sadness and destruction to our environment.

Recently, a woman asked me about the meaning of her dream, which was terrifying. However, when I translated it for her, she stopped caring about it, even though she seemed to be very interested on what it could mean in the beginning.

I told her that her nightmare was indicating a very strong tendency to immorality. She really needed to pay attention so that she would not get involved with married men, for example. She abandoned the psychotherapy because this was exactly her case – she was involved in an immoral relationship and she couldn’t accept her mistake, even though it was clearly shown in the interpretation of her dream.

This was a recurring nightmare that she was seeing for years! However, she still could not accept the unconscious guidance.

Immorality is very dangerous and painful; it leads everyone to craziness and despair. But not everyone can understand and accept this message.

This was only one example. There are many others…

Only when you recognize your ignorance and you accept the truth, without persisting on your plans when the unconscious mind explains to you, which your mistakes are, can you attain wisdom and find happiness.

If you see a recurrent nightmare, it is because you insist on doing what will lead you to absurdity and despair. Be careful, because you may lose your life pursuing the wrong ideal or following the wrong person.

It would be much wiser if you would learn how to interpret your dreams and respect the wise guidance you receive in their messages, so that you might escape from suffering.

Nightmares are serious warnings that are trying to open your eyes and protect you.

Keep a dream journal and translate your dreams according to the scientific method, so that the unconscious mind that produces your dreams may help you solve all your problems.

Respect the unconscious guidance, and soon you’ll be near the right person, and living the way you desire.


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