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The Value of Dream Messages

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If you are looking for a solution to your own psychological problems, you simply have to start paying attention to your dreams. You should write them down in a dream journal, and study the symbolic dream language.

Those who ignore the importance of dreams have never written their dreams down; otherwise they wouldn’t dare declare that dreams have no meaning. Even without knowing how to translate the meaning of our dreams, we observe that they follow a certain logic once we start reading our dream collection.

However, have in mind that in order to understand the meaning of your dreams, you must study the meaning of the dream symbols. This is like studying a foreign language.

Many people try interpreting dreams; believing that they can guess their meaning, but this is a very big mistake that must be avoided. Nobody can understand the meaning of a foreign language without studying its roots. Only Carl Jung managed to discover the hidden meaning of dreams because he made an arduous research. He looked for the symbolic meaning of the dream symbols found in the entire the history of humanity; within all civilizations.

I managed to continue his research and discovered how to cure all mental illnesses by following the unconscious guidance in dream messages. I discovered the saintly nature of the unconscious mind and the evil nature of the wild side of our conscience (anti-conscience). This way, I could separate what is good from what is bad. Thus, affording me the ability to show you how to safely speculate the content of your psyche.

You’ll verify much to your own surprise, that the value of your dreams will surpass your expectations. You’ll discover many truths about your psychological content, about the part of the world that you live in, and about other people’s personalities.

The basic meaning of all dream messages is protective. All warnings and predictions try to protect the human side of our conscience from the poisonous influence of the violent anti-conscience. Or, they try to open our eyes so that we may understand who our enemies are. There are many types of dreams that give us information about many different aspects of reality. We can learn everything we desire because the unconscious mind answers all our questions in dreams.

The recognition of the true importance of the meaning of dreams will completely change the mindset of our materialistic civilization. Everyone will understand that there is a spiritual reality as important as the material one. Religion, philosophy, and art will be considered as important as science, technology, and commerce. Everyone will learn how to eliminate the negative components of their personalities and develop only the positive ones. Everyone will learn how to prevent diseases, mental illnesses, accidents, and other misfortunes by following the wise unconscious guidance in their dreams.

You can reap all the benefits given by this knowledge right now. You only need to respect the importance of dreams, and study the dream language with my simple and clear method of dream translation. My method is a simplification of Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation.

The practice of following the wisdom found in dreams will put you in a privileged position. You will be immune to the absurdity of our depressed civilization. You will develop a wise personality, and also be able to protect the people you love with your valuable knowledge.


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