Vegas or Hell?

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This dream came up in a pretty insane way but here it is:

I was walking in what appeared to be the middle of Las Vegas, when I heard the most insane screams that I have ever heard in my life. I had a patrol of around thirty demigods, and we were checking out the surrounding neighborhood. That is when one of my men decides to speak up. “Lord Helios! I believe we have some draconae following us! Lord Helios! It seems that Medusa is at the head of the group! They are closing fast!”

I looked at him and said, “Theocratees we can handle little Medusa and her pets, for is she a god? I thought not.” I then reached behind my back and pulled out a long glowing golden spear that seemed to have the world’s brightest light at the end, and aimed it at Medusa. I looked over to my men, and said, “For the glory of the Old Gods and Olympus! Hizaw!” (I don’t know how to spell that last word, its what it sounded like though.)

Theocratees came running past me dual wielding what looked like to broadswords, holding them down to the ground, and charging in at a crouch, he went straight for one of the draconae. This strange looking woman had red eyes, hair made of fire, and what looked like millions of snakes to make up to legs. That’s when the woman said something in a weird language. It sounded like, “Dis Immortales!” I don’t know how to spell it but it sounded like how I spelled it.

Anyway, that’s when the woman brought down a pitch-black sword straight towards my guy. He parried with his dual blade setup, and managed to find a chink in her basic black armor. I ran over to him, however, not before the second of the draconae stabbed him in the back. That’s when I screamed out the weirdest words ever. I said, “Draconae dis immortales ban twa ano domini Fates!”

I then dropped to my knees and picked up Theocratees. He managed to get out a last few words that confused me. He said, “Mortality awaits the one true of heart. I only hope it will be you my Lord! I see a distant place, and it seems that you become …” That’s when he dropped down and died. I found my self shedding golden tears, and as they hit his body, he began to glow, and shot up to the City Mountain, where I knew he would become a statue for all of time.

That is when I woke up, however, my last thoughts were, “If it is I he spoke thereof, then may I make him proud in mortality.” Please comment guys! Thanks.


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