Very Scary Dream, Need Help!

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I’m sorry about the length of this, but I just woke up from it, so all the details are still fresh in my mind!

This is my second time having this dream, and both times I’ve woken up so scared that I start crying. I end up staying awake all night after because I’m too scared to go back to sleep.

It all starts with me working alone in a store that I feel I have never seen before. It seems like a mix of a bank/clothing store. A guy comes in really drunk with dark hair. He was kinda cute, so I flirted with him a bit, but then he reaches over the counter and starts grabbing and touching me forcefully. I freak out and kick him out of the store and his friends come in and get mad at me.

They all leave and he comes back by himself. It was the same guy, but this time he had light brown hair and was a lot taller and skinnier. He started yelling at me as soon as he walked in, but then a stranger came in and kicked him out.

He then came back alone one last time. It was the same guy, but this time he was chubby and had short ornagish hair and a long curly orangish beard. Following him was a stranger that came in just to use the restroom; it was a chubby guy that had a tool belt on. I ran to the stranger and pleaded for him to help me. He grabbed out a hammer and a screwdriver from his belt to defend me, but in an instant the fight was over and my helper was nowhere in sight.

The original guy was then standing in front of me with the hammer. He started asking me if I was ready to be hurt. So I asked him what I had done to him to make him so mad, and he said, “Done to me?!! Done to me?!!!” His face then turned red and had so much anger in it. He reached forward and knocked me in the head with the hammer. I barely felt it, but pretended to be knocked out, and he came up and started tapping me in the head with the hammer, softly at first. Then he said he was going to make it harder and harder each time. I still pretended to be knocked out. He then went out to a truck and grabbed a power drill.

And that’s when I woke up.

It’s very scary and real feeling. I don’t understand why I don’t lock the door when he leaves, or call the cops, or even scream for help at all! I see people walking around outside while he gets the drill but I never scream.

Any interpretations or anything helpful at all would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



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