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Very Weird Dream

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As my first article on Divine Caroline, I am going to write about the dream I had just last night. I am sitting here on my couch, trying to recall as many details as possible. Once you read about one of my dreams, you will want to hear about them all.

My dream started out at an ice skating rink. I was there with a couple of friends (who I don’t really know in real life). The place was getting ready to close down for customers, and the professionals were coming in to practice. We decided to stay back a minute and see what was going on, and it turned out there were auditions. Another girl and I stayed for the audition and did our best tricks (which were a lot, which is strange because I haven’t been ice skating in like ten years).

So we finish the auditions and pack up our stuff to leave. When I’m heading out the door, there is an animal (that I can only assume was a bull). For some reason I take the bull home with me. When I get home, (to a brightly colored cottage like place, where a bright red car sits in my driveway). I take the bull inside and I start calling around to people asking what to do with this bull. Everyone starts telling me to take it to the zoo, or animal control, so I go to get the bull to put him in the car, and he is now a bear instead of a bull. I walk the bear outside and put him in the bright red car. I drive for a minute and get to a downtown area, and I pull into this parking lot of a store. I am not sure what kind of store it was because there was really no merchandise, but there were people just hanging around inside. I see an old friend of mine (a guy I had a crush on a while back). We start talking and I tell him about this bear.

For some reason we decide to go wandering around the store and we find this room in the back that is like a school room for very young children. We look around for a bit and find some different things that I won’t go into detail with, he starts getting very flirtatious, holding my hand standing close to me, etc. and then we head up to the front of the building. When we get up there, I am looking through the front window of the store and I see this huge object falling out of the sky in flames and smoke. I draw everyone’s attention to it and people start running to close the doors and windows.

When everything was closed and we were closed in this room, I see this plane and its wings crashing toward the ground in front of the building. The wings take out everything near it, and the plane explodes destroying anything within a radius of it, except us in that building. I remember sitting there in my dream, thinking I’m going to die, and everyone just sat there and waited. And only the building shook, but no damage to our building. we stood there and looked out the window for a minute and then I woke up.


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