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The whimsical wilderness that surrounds you like a thick blanket—
And you do not wish to release yourself out of the warmth—
Warmth like the heavenly rays of the Hard Sun…
Hard—because you meandered across paths, meadows to be at your destination—
Destination –a place which encircled your dreams—-
Dreams—which form the essential ingredient of the blissful existence—
Existence—which is a battle—YOU and ME fight—
Fight—to win over fears—to survive . . . to breathe—
Breathe—not a gasp of air—but under the open surroundings—
Surroundings—where no one is confined—or bounded—
Where the birds of flight and beasts of flesh stay in harmony—
Harmony that coalesces everything like drops—
Drops—of wisdom —-like the enchanting recitals—
Which are beyond the understanding of this profane humanity
Wish—we would release ourselves—from those threads that bound us . . .
And rise above all—in a serene solitude—Heaven!!


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