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Vivid Dreams

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Vivid dreams have been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. They never have been scary just strange, and very very real.

One dream that has stuck in my mind for many years was about my Daddy.

Daddy had passed away several months earlier when this particular dream happened.

My Dad and I was very close, he was my rock, my friend, and my Daddy.

Back to dream, I have a tendency to ramble sorry.

The Dream

Daddy came over to my house and woke me from a very sound sleep. “Come on in the kitchen and lets have a glass of tea.” I got up and fixed us both big tall glasses of ice tea. We talked for what seemed hours. Talking about everything yet nothing. I told him that I missed him being around and having these talks. He told me that I can talk to him any time, he just might not be where I can see, but he will listen. I hugged him and told him how much I loved him, as did he. He said he had to go and walked out the back door.
When he left, I suddenly awoke in my bed with such a warm yet sad feeling. I ran to the kitchen, and there on the table were two glasses of ice tea.

This was such a vivid dream, I opened the back door and went out, and called, “Daddy are you here?” No answer of course. Back in the house sat down at the table staring at the two glass of tea.

Was I dreaming a very vivid dream, sleep walking, or did it really happen? Who knows? But in my heart I think it was real. Daddy knew that I needed the “one more minute” for goodbye. I missed being there at his side when he passed, because of work, I have felt an extreme amount of guilt about not being there. The guilt is no longer with me.

So whether a real event or just a dream, either way I feel better for having it.

I continue to have the vivid dreams.


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