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Was I in Another Lifetime

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About four years ago I had a dream that still bugs me to this day. I dreamt that I was in a small town in Iowa and was in a small church at a meeting the town had set up. The meeting was pertaining to me and my form of beliefs.

I had told them that I did not agree with their religions views and I felt that if I wanted to converse with the almighty that it was my decision as to where or how I wanted to it. I was then told that they found my ways of supporting myself by means of selling herbs and making remedies was not an appropriate means. That if  I did not change and start going to church they would label me as a witch. I told them I wouldn’t relent and who was to say that I wasn’t one.  

At that moment I was taken to the top floor of the church and was tied and gagged then the bell rope was placed around my neck and I was pushed in to the bell free hole and hung. A sign was placed on the rope wring the hanging witch.

Then this happened about two month after the dream. We went to go see Amanda my stepdaughter in Glen wood Iowa. She had been attending a small church there and she wanted us to go see it and meet the Pastor. As we pulled up to the church I remembered it from the dream.   She had us meet the Pastor and found that he and my husband Joe went to college together. Amanda asked if she could show us the rest of the church. It was pretty much the same church as in my dream. We got to the top floor and there in the middle was a bell rope that hung down the bell free hole with a sign on it that read hitch and hang the bell rope. It took my breath away, and it’s bugged me ever since.


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